Los Angeles Mortuary professionally arranges and directs traditional funeral services according to the client's needs and wishes.  From securing the appropriate church or meeting facility to retaining the proper clergy to officiate the service, we have a variety of options to meet your needs. Viewings, speakers, visual and musical presentations, register books, memorial folders, floral arrangements, funeral coach and funeral home staffing are some of the elements of a funeral service that we can assist you with or carry out upon your request.

A consultation with one of our funeral directors can answer all your questions and concerns and help you to make the service a cherished one.


Los Angeles Mortuary provides the most affordable direct cremation rates in Los Angeles County. 

Cremation is normally chosen because it is less costly than traditional burials, ashes can be kept at a family residence or scattered on land or sea according to the decedents wishes, provide more mobility for transport, and have less environmental impact.  

Cremation involves taking a body directly from the place of death (or morgue) and exposing it to high temperatures to produce remains of a sand-like consistency.  Like ground burials, the cremation process results in "ashes to ashes, and dust to dust," but in a much shorter time period.  The decedent is usually cremated within three to five business days after removal from the place of death.

Direct cremation includes basic staffs and services, sanitary handling and refrigerated storage, an alternative cremation container, processing of cremated remains and final delivery in a durable cremated remains container.  The cremains (or ashes) will also be legally identified with a serial tag.

*Additional cost for non-local transport and over-size cremations.

Go to our “Resources” tab to get a more detailed explanation of the procedures involved in direct cremation.


Upon request Los Angeles Mortuary will hold a visitation, church service or memorial service (either before or after the cremation) for those who choose cremation. The deceased can be viewed in our solid oak rental casket that comes lined with a new insert in accordance with Health and Safety Code guidelines.

Los Angeles Mortuary also offers additional services, including sending a funeral notice to the local newspaper, shipping cremated remains nationally and internationally, notifying the Social Security Administration, ordering additional Death Certificates, scattering at sea, scattering on land, veterans burials, graveside services and any other special services you may require.